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My name is Firdous Sultan and as a Digital Entrepreneur, Founder and Managing Director of Digital eCommerce Incorporation I give you a warm welcome to my “about me” page and hope that you find eStore by Firdous a breath of fresh air.

eStore by Firdous, is an import and export platform and a growing private label brand within storage, health and nutrition niche. My passion for import and export started after I embarked my journey with The Six Figure Mentors (SFM) as a member and partner. The SFM allowed me to have access to top class education and mentorship by the most successful leaders in the digital industry. I later learned more about The Digital Experts Academy (DEA) and it’s educational memberships. One particular membership is what caught my attention – “DEA Silver” programme which further offered me a remarkable platform, mentorship and a community of like minded people to pursue my dream, and hey’baby – welcome to the birth of my Limited Incorporation and my first brand “eStore by Firdous”.

I am an advocate in belief of investing in oneself before investing in any kind of venture or project – your mindset is key to your succces and how you navigate the process psychologically will determine your end result. The old tales that “old habits die hard” is literally as the tales states “old school”. Just like technology your mindset requires a little rewiring and programming – change does not come overnight but it certainly will come if you are tenacious and have the willingness to allow the change to take place. That said, a whole host of cultural, economical, political issues can be improved by implementing a very simple psychological change.

Whilst on the topic of mindset and as well as my entrepreneurial background I am also a student at the Collage of Naturapathic Medicine and Nutrition (CNM) studying Diploma in Naturapathic Medicine, Nutrition and Iridology. I hold immense passion for health and wellbeing and will be using this platform to offer my followers and audience tremendous education, advice, products and recommended business’s of various niches and services of interest to make your life holistically healthy and exciting.

Having said the above, feel free to navigate through my website, and it would be a pleasure to share some phenomenal, proven insights, blogs and products exclusive to my dear subscribers. I am super excited to see you on the other side, so please do not forget to join our social media to keep up to date with exclusive information, offers and products.


Firdous Sultan.

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